Our Process

It’s all in the details, so let’s take a walk through how we manage and progress through our builds.

DMJ | Custom Build • Remodel



The success of your custom home or remodeling project is determined by the time spent in this phase.  This is where budgets and expectations are set, designs are created, reviewed, revised and approved.  We set allowances for selections, and determine the level of engineering and permitting requirements.

We utilize cutting edge design tools that allow you to visualize your home in 3-D so that any changes can be discovered early which reduces costly change orders.  Once the design is approved we create a construction contract from the Texas Association of Homebuilders which provides maximum protection for both parties and ensures we remain friends when we turn over the keys.

DMJ | Custom Build • Remodel


Pre Construction

After contract signature one of the first things we do is schedule a meeting to introduce our Buildertrend software portal where all project communication will reside.  From this site, selections are entered and approved, invoices are paid, change orders are released and approved, documents are stored, progress photos and videos are viewed, and the schedule of events can be accessed.  

Any required engineering and permitting will also occur in this phase.  We will also order long lead items and customer selections.  Once all delivery dates are set and subcontractors are mobilized we will set the construction start date so that the time spent in actual construction is minimized.

DMJ | Custom Build • Remodel



All of the work that has gone into planning now sets the stage for construction to begin. Our team of highly skilled craftsmen, working under our supervision, will work to complete the vision developed during the design phase.  From site preparation all the way through punch list completion, we are committed to excellence.

Our years of experience help everyone work through construction anxieties which almost all clients face at some point in a lengthy project.  We are committed to open and honest communication, are available to answer questions, solve problems, and relay both good news and any not-so-good news with equal ease.

DMJ | Custom Build • Remodel


Final Touches

Every job is turned over with a completed punch list that is crafted by our team after a detailed inspection is done with the owner. We spend the time explaining equipment, reviewing warranties and transfer all applicable documentation to the client during this phase. Only once this list has been completed do we consider our job done. We strive for total satisfaction on every project.

DMJ | Custom Build • Remodel


Customer Support

We offer industry leading in-house and third party warranties. We back our work with a one-year warranty on workmanship and materials, two-years on mechanical wiring, piping and ductwork, and ten-years on structural components as outlined by the Texas Association of Homebuilders.

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